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David Torrens

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David Torrens, is a Cuban singer-songwriter. He belongs to the 3rd generation of the Cuban Nueva Trova. His music is marked by the influence of American black music, Argentine rock, Brazilian music and traditional Cuban music.

He began his work in the second half of the 1980s, when he was only 15 years old, when he entered the Canto Libre group as a keyboardist, where his first compositions emerged to be interpreted by César Regueiro, the director of the band, and later by David himself. Already away from Canto Libre, he became part of the Guanabacoa phenomenon, a singular movement of poets, painters and troubadours in the 90s.

I listened to a lot of Argentine music, rock, Cuban and Brazilian trova. He has also expressed his liking for Benny Moré and Bola de Nieve. He is considered part of a group of creators that we know today as the Generation of 13 and 8, although he never went to that famous address in Vedado where the usual clubs were held, but his music, ever since, was going in the same direction. In 1995, the singer signed a contract with the record company EMI Music of Mexico, for which he moved to live in Mexico City.

After spending more than 15 years working in Mexico, Torrens is constantly committed to fusion with other genres and incorporates new expressive resources: Cuba is my home, my everything. After a few years in which I was away for work, the time came when I said to myself: "now I must return." Cuba is the place where I can compose, where things really provoke me. Indeed, although I don't intend to, in my songs -which are generally about love- I can't escape the social or political reality of the country and how those things can affect the individual. I do not propose to make a political song, but I do not escape from it. Normally I say that what I do is Rockason, and we go through everything there is, I try not to limit myself, to do what comes to mind, as long as it is something authentic. Currently his life is spent between Mexico and Cuba, as he still eventually travels to work in the Aztec land.


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